Who We Are

We are Educators committed to empowering our community, broadening access to college, and helping our youth achieve their dreams.

Rick Daily – Growing up as a first generation college student in a single parent house, Rick had lots to learn about college and the college admissions process. Discouraged by his high school counselor, he trudged ahead and was accepted to the school of his choice. From Freshman year in college to today, Rick’s passion about helping students through the application period has unwavered. He hopes to help students like him get inspired to follow their higher educational dreams.

Eric Felix – A first generation Latino college graduate. Believes education is the greatest institution to transform society. Dedicated to helping students attend and be successful in college. Works as an admissions counselor at the University of San Diego. Spent the last six years work in higher education with experience in admissions, outreach, and residential life. Proud graduate of California State University, Fullerton with a BA in History, and San Diego State University with a MA in Postsecondary Educational Leadership.

Avi Rodriguez – As a first generation college graduate, Avi knows the importance of being informed and well connected. Her passion for helping students in higher education began in 2008 while I completing a Bachelors degree at CSU San Marcos and continued through graduate school at San Diego State University. Currently, she is an admissions counselor at CSU San Bernardino. She believes every person should have equal access to higher education and a chance at a better life. Avi is excited to be part of the team and can’t wait to help people in her community achieve their goals.

“We don’t sell dreams, but the inspiration is free”

It is our hope that this project brings together a variety of passionate educators to address the educational inequality we face in our communities and provide tangible resources that make a difference. The project includes educators in K-12, admissions, outreach, technology, and non-profit field who seek to collaborate on a project that provides students with information, empowerment, and support in their path towards educational attainment.

If you are an educator and have a passion for educational reform, expanding access, empowering your community, and can provide a unique perspective to the team please contact me.


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