Maximizing your Application Material

  • View every college application as a challenge instead of just “something you have to do.”
  • Answer every question thoughtfully. Write a rough draft of your answers on a sheet of paper or on a copy of the application before you complete the final document.
  • Ask a parent or teacher to read your answers and make suggestions about readability and clarity.
  • Write your résumé before you start the application process. You might be surprised by how many neat things you have done!
  • Be sure to answer all the questions on an application.
  • Give the college what they want. If you have additional information that is pertinent, attach an additional page if there has been no opportunity to describe it elsewhere.
  • Be reasonable, and don’t go overboard. Ten pages of letters of recommendation from your neighbors are not significant to admissions personnel.
  • Get involved in your school or community. Play a sport, join a club, get a part-time job, sing in a group, join a youth group or become a volunteer. Every one of these experiences will further define you as a person to any college representative.
  • How do you maximize your successes and potential in the college admissions process? It is really quite simple. Live your life to its fullest as an active citizen/participant in your school and community, and remember to occasionally take the time to assess and document your progress.

Article reposted from: Fastweb

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